Keep Magic Monster Radio Online

Magic Monster Radio has been an active part of the Los Angeles music community since March 2011, promoting local and global independent music, sponsoring local events and supporting new music, from all genres including the bizarre and avant garde. Without support and donations, the station can no longer stay online. Rent for the online space is high and the more listeners we get, the more expensive it becomes.

As of the 29th of May, Magic Monster Radio was shut down due to a lack of funding. Thanks to the generous support of listeners, we were able to raise the funds necessary to get Magic Monster back online!! But now in order to keep it online and functioning for the next year, we will need to raise $3600. If you’d like to keep Magic Monster Radio online and part of the global music community please donate. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you!

 We will update the amount raised every morning and evening Los Angeles time.

GOAL FOR 2014 ~